Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We're having a heat wave!!!!!!

It is up to 30!!! This morning when we got up it was warmer in Keyport, NJ where Kris lives than here. How crazy is that? Russ' truck was so iced up that they had to take Mike's to Lowes! It must have been bad for Russ to ride in Mike's truck. It isn't the cleanest on the block!!!!

Mike got some electrical wires moved this morning before going to work. There are a couple more to go. Wgoever wired the garage just poked holes in the ceiling and stuck them all through. We also found out that the drywall on the ceiling was put together with mile an hour tape (military) and painted over. So now Russ has pulled it all off and we have to repair that. What started out as Mike fixing up the work bench area has gotten to be a major overhaul!!! Every goof we find Russ blames on Speedy ( the previous owner). He was a jack of all trades and a master of none.

We have an appointment to get our taxes dopne tomorrow! I sure hope it isn't like last year and we have to pay. I'm hoping me being 65 will make the difference. Since all our retirement is with tax dollars we shouldn't have to pay any! LOL Both retirements we already payed money on and social security is the reason we had to pay! It all makes no sense!!!

It is lunch time, so better get something fixed.

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Ruth said...

I thought that first comment was awful short!!
Russ and Dad and Larry would have gotten along just fine working togehter--all perfectionists and wanting the job done right the first time. No of that "Speedy" stuff!!
Do you know it was 2 years ago today that Mom died? I still miss her so much!