Thursday, January 29, 2009

I hate tax time!

I knew it wasn't going to be a good day when we got to H & R Block! We had a 9:00 appointment and at 9:20 no one was there to unlock the doors. Even the help couldn't get in. Finally got the taxes done and yep, we owe money, even more than last year. First thing tomorrow Russ will be changing how much is taken out of his Army retirement check! Next year we want them to owe us!!!! At least the preparer knocked $30 off the cost to prepare it for making us wait.

From there we went to the Commissary. Almost $400 for groceries for the month. That didn't include fresh fruits and veggies and everything else we forgot! The sad part is I can't find anything to eat!!! I bought no junk!!!
Not even chocolate. I will never survive!!!! LOL

Mike and Russ just went to their other home. (lowes) It is dry enough to buy sheet rock! 8 sheets and we have it all up. All the wiring is done and I'm hoping to soon have it ready to paint! I have moved the same crap a hundred times in there. I feel like a pack mule!

The Boys are barking, better see who is out there. See ya'll.

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