Thursday, February 26, 2009

The end of the day!

Here it is almost dinner time! I have been too tired to do much today! I did get more floor scraped and scrubbed. I will have a small amount to do tomorrow and then be done! Russ is painting what I did today now so by tomorrow night we will be ready to put things in order. We still have to buy curtains and some kind of wall rack to hold all the fishing poles.

The insurance company just called Mike and they are going to pay some for depreciation on his truck. Think it will go to Chrysler on his note but that is ok. Mike got almost to work today and his transmission started acting up. It would not shift gears. So tomorrow it goes in the garage. Thank goodness it is still covered! He is trying to get a good deal on a new truck. This one has a hex on it!!! He knows how Ruth thought about hers!!!

It is another beautiful day. Yesterday I went out on the deck to read and fell asleep in the sunshine. It was either that or my snow white legs blinded me!!! I hate the beginning of shorts season!

Next week I am starting spring cleaning. And does my house ever need it!!!
It has not been clean since Nov.!!!! The first thing is washing these dirty windows. There is something about dirty windows that depresses me. My dad was the same way! When I lived in Monon when Russ was in Viet Nam, my dad would put his big ladder on top of his car and drive down and wash the outside of my windows! He was such a sweet heart, and real spoilt me.

I had not planned on Mike being here for dinner tonight. I just thawed a steak for me and Russ to share. Think Ican talk them into take out?????

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