Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What a night!!!

Russ had a night of testing at the sleep center and I had a night of the dog morning him being gone! He left at 7 PM and Bo only left the chair by the window to do his business until 3 this morning! That is when I finally carried the 30 pound wonder to my bed and shut the door. Every time he moved the chair bangs on the window sill! He sits on the back of HIS recliner and stares out waiting for the truck. When I finally I finally got him in bed he laid across my legs with his head hanging down staring at the bedroom door! I finally got up at 4:45 and scraped paint!

Russ' night was just as bad! They kept changing him into different masks all night. They said his restless leg is the worst they had ever seen. He got no sleep that was restful. He came home and painted the section I had ready and he and Bo went to bed!

This is for Ruth!!! I WAs using a putty knife too. Most of what is on the floor is 50-60 years old. A putty knife just wouldn't get it loose! I keep a sharp paring knife in my cleaning basket! I use it as a favorite tool! LOL

Today is Kris' 39th birthday! I told her this is the last one she has to count!

Can you believe there is only 3 days left in FEB? Where has this month gone??? I sure don't remember time flying so fast when I was young.

Well, I am taking this sore old body out to see if the mailman brought me any good things today! Oh, what am I thinking! # days to the end of the month----- nothing but bills probably! LOL


Ruth said...

You goof!! Just don't cut your fingers with that paring knife!
I had to lock Trixie in the bedroom 2 days last week because they were painting the apartment doors and have to leave them open until the paint dried. She was sooo hapy to see me when I got home. So I know how these pets get when their routine is disrupted!
Nicky used to miss Mom like that whenever she was gone for a day or 2. They get as attched to us as we do to them.

Ruth said...

Too bad I can't spell! These comments might make more sense!!!

Granola Mom said...

Joe got his medical clearance for the hearing aids today. I told him about the aids before we left, and he was really upset. I tried to put a positive swing on them.

After the doctor, I took him to McDonalds and got him the huge adult size chicken nugget meal, lol! That made him feel better for the moment at least.

Talked to my friend who has a profoundly deaf son in the state school for the deaf. She gave me some good places to look for info and stuff.

Waiting to hear back from the school about getting a deaf/hard of hearing specialist to come in for my meeting. Bleg. You know what I feel about THEM!

I never thought I'd have to start all over learning about another disability. It sure takes up a lot of time. Thank gooness for the internet!!!