Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Good Morning!!!

You all have not lived until you have scraped a garage floor with a paring knife!!! I have only got a fourth done and my hands are so sore! I have under the work bench done and painted. It is RED!!!!

If you look over at the side where blogs are listed, Kris has a new blog. It is all about recipes, Her stange cat, Tanner , canning, going green and etc. She just set it up and I'm the first to leave a comment!!! She has an anon. button on there so you people without blogs can still leave her a message! Her first recipe on there sounds good. I'll have to try it. If you look around she has lots of recipes on there. Think they are on the right hand side! Even if I do say so my self, She is a really good cook.

Russ just left to see the arthritis doctor and then tonight he goes back to the sleep clinic for a night in the mask!! Fun!

Well, I best get back to my floor! At least we have cable out there and I can watch TV while I work!!!


Granola Mom said...

If you look up at the top, near the title, there's a "recipe" button where you can see all the recipes listed.

I can't remember if I ever gave you the Pinto Bean Relish recipe, but I bet dad would really like it!

Ruth said...

You need to buy a putty knife on one of your trips to Lowe's! I hope you take some downtime once you finish the garage and recharge your batteries before you tackle any more "week-end warrior" projects.
Take care
Love you!