Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope everyone has a fun day today! And gets sweets from your honey. I am getting a wall socket and trim board!!!!! LOLAll I want is for it all to be done so I can start on something else. Russ says he is cutting off my cable so I can't watch anymore home improvement shows!!!!

I am sitting here eating a bowl of grits! Great breakfast, huh? It is fast and filling. Maybe I won't snack until lunch time. I have a big bowl of noodles with broccoli and lots of garlic in the frig calling my name. I could eat it all day. Thanks Kris for giving me the recipe!!! LOl

Mike had his Valentine's date Thursday. He took her to Logans, a movie and got her a box of candy and a teddy bear. Good guy. But I guess this means I won't get the candy and bear this year!!!! LOL

I am cleaning my computer room today. I put all the medicine bills in the file. Wow in six weeks if we'd had to pay full price we'd have paid out $1465 all ready. The 77 in copays sounds better. We have a persciption place with are army insurance. We get most of our meds for $3 for a 3 months supply.
The only high ones are Russ fish oil and aciphex. That is 22 for 3 months, Sure can't beat it

I best get busy. It will take me all day to judt do the closet!!! Have fun today!!!

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