Sunday, February 15, 2009

Good Morning

We just got back from breakfast and Wally World. I picked me up some cutr tennies. After we got homeI looked at the tag and saw they were made of 70 % recycled bottles. I thought great until I looked at where they are made. China!!! Does that mean we are sending all our plastic bottles to China?????

Last night while I was cooking, Russ moved the ladder and spilt Mike's root beer all over the garage. I gave them a bucket of water and they cleaned up the mess. After dinner Russ and I were cleaning up the table when Mike let out a @#%&*#@. He had kicked over that whole bucket full of water that his Dad hadn't emptied. Russ was being nice not to dump dirty water in the sink when I was cooking. Well, It took 3 of us, a roll of Bounty and two mops to clean it up. It sure didn't look like that much water in the bucket! LOL Of course it ran right under the frig and freezer.
After that mike saiod he was just going home and going to bed!!!!

Our favorite waitress at the Mexican place knows how much I like their salsa so now every Sunday morning she fixes me a cup full to go. It always makes you feel good to get something for free! And I can eat chips and salsa all week!!!!

I need to go change clothes and get busy. I have a bunch more trim boards to paint. This is the last of them. Hurrah!

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12-arrows said...

you sure keep busy oh my goodness I can't believe all the work you guys are doing but doesn't it just feel good to get everything done at once and organized? I am an organizational junkie! I love it!