Saturday, February 28, 2009

I think I'm tired!

I have never been so weak kneed! I feel like a whipped pup! But..... I have all the floor scrapped and mopped!!! Russ will finish painting it tonight!
Not only did I do that but I went grocery shopping today. Had the back of the truck full. I don't mind the shopping but hate putting it away! Especially the meat! I divide it up and then seal everything in vac bags. That is one of my favorite tools. I just got one of those Remington $9 .99 cheapo things and love it! You get them on the baggie aisle and it works good! I never get freezer burn.

Russ is cooking tonight! That means take out!!! I am so tired my eyes are crossed and I would probably burn the house down if I cooked!

You northern people DID NOT have to send your cold weather here. 87 the other day, tonight 27. We will all be sick. The wind is blowing and it makes it colder!

I am off to the shower and my flannel pj's. I am calling it a day! I got new books yesterday and think I will read and drink hot chocolate tonight! That sounds real cozy!! You all have a fun week end!!!

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Granola Mom said...

We had snow this morning! Ugh. Not much and it's mostly gone. I'm so ready for spring.

We spent the weekend ripping up all the carpet in the entire downstairs. It was just ruined by the water heater. We had planned on replacing it with the home improvement money anyway. It is the ugliest, 70's yellow lunch room tile right now!!! We'll probably put that premade, snap together bamboo flooring in.