Monday, March 2, 2009


We just got through with dinner and my guys are doing dishes. I am having problems with my legs hurting so I get to rest!

We went shopping for a few things for the garage today. Just little stuff. We got curtains for the window, racks to hold all their many fishing poles and a hook to hang Russ walker. Since he is in remission he hasn't had to use it in a few years. We have to keep it since there is no way of knowing if it will get worse again. There are a few things left to hang and put away yet. When we get it pretty well done I'll post a couple pictures.

We got a new picture of Kris' oldest. My, has he grown into a fine looking young man! He will be 17 in May. It seems like yesterday we were rocking him to sleep at night. I am waiting for pivtures of the other 2 now. I know they must have grown alot since we've seen them.

I guess Spring is on the way! Russ brought the battery for the lawn mower in to charge it! I can't wait!!! I want to get some herbs planted I can't wait for the basil! I even add it to salads! It really is so good.

I best get everything done! The Bachelor is on for like 2 hours tonight! Sure hope he picks the one from Dallas! But then, The one I want never seems to get picked! LOL

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Granola Mom said...

We had about 6 inches of snow over the weekend, and with the "mental health/couldn't take a shower" day off Thursday, Friday being an inservice day, and Monday a snow day, the kids got 5 DAYS OFF SCHOOL!

I love the little buggers, but I have to say I was glad to see them get on the bus, lol!