Monday, February 2, 2009

Just home from the doctor

Today was our fasting appointment. It was also a check up on my achille's tendon. Well, I am now in a moon boot to almost my knee. Wow! Is it hard to walk in that thing and it weighs about 100 pounds!!!! ( maybe really 10) I walk like a drunken sailor! I was told to keep my feet firmly on the floor, no ladders!!!!

Russ has been really congested. We don't know if he is sick or it is from plaster dust. The doctor gave him meds for it any way. He really feels rough.
Since I am 65 the doctor set me up with a bone density test next week. I thought 65 was the new 45. Guess not, I keep getting all these old farts tests. My blood pressure was way up today too. The doctor said she thought it was because of the blood test. I am hard to find blood and then it drips out. She said it could be because Russ was retired. Then she laughed!!! She may be right!!! LOL

I guess I better go take my morning pills. Ruus took me out for breakfast after the doctors so I missed taking them.

Whoo, little Dude just came in and has gas, Think I'll skip the pills and get oxygen!!!!!

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Ruth said...

You two are just going to have to slow down a little!!!
I had my bone density test in December when I had my mammogram. My doctor told me I had osteopenia, which is a mild form of osteoporosis, in my left hip. Funny, it's the right one that hurts! She said keep taking calcium + D and exercise! I've got the calcium thing down just fine LOL
We are supposed to have up to 10" of snow by morning. If I don't see some green grass pretty soon, I'll go crazy. This winter has been way too l-o-o-o-ong!!!