Sunday, February 1, 2009

Nothing much going on

It is pretty boring here right now. We are still locked in the garage every day. 3/4 is drywalled and mudded now. Russ put in the window frame and sill yesterday. I now have a place to set herbs in the winter. It is slow going as there is a lot that Mike has to do and he can only work before or after work depending on his shift. This weekend he goes to work at 3AM and gets off at 1:30. By the time he briefs the new shift leader and gets home it is 2:30. He doesn't work long as he goes to bed early. Tomorrow he goes to work at 12;30 noon so he will be here from 8 until he leaves.

It is suppose to get to 75 today! Hurrah!!! I have had all the cold gloomy weather I can stand! It really depresses me.

Mike and Russ are getting Wings for the super bowl today. I got me all the fixings for Nachos. I can take my nachos and book into another room and they can eat their wings!!!! LOL

Well, I have a wall of mud to sand so I better get at it. I will be so glad when this is done!!!!

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