Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Still nothing.........

Going on here but garage!!! It is first coated with paint, Russ has the trim up and started chaulking any gaps and such, the window has trim and is painted. Today I will start cleaning the floor so we can paint it. Now this is just the front half!!! We still have half of one long wall to do everything to yet! Mike is going to rebuild the attic "HOLE" yet too. The whole thing is painted white so we are going to do a deep red floor.

In between work, the garage and a girl friend, Mike is making some guy a cane like he makes Russ. This one is for money so we have to let him off to work on it. He also has started Russ the neatest one. When it is done I'll put up a picture. His nephew in NJ has asked for a 6' walking stick too. That aught to be fun to mail!!!!

I cheated yesterday. I didn't wear my boot and I did climb a ladder to paint the window frame on top. No one was home at the time to catch me!!! LOL
I told them the fairy did it! Guess I could have said Bo!!!

Russ went and got the truck register at KPD yesterday. They have started a thing called HEAT. They etch something in your windshield so if it is stolen they can identify it. Helps if plates are switched.

Well, I've finished my grits so it's time to go scrape all the globs of paint off the garage floor. Someday I'll even be able to clean my house again. I hope!!! You all have a great day!!!!

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Ruth said...

I started my day later than usual by going out and clearing 15" of snow from off and around my car!!
That took about an hour, then went in, changed clothes and came to work. I feel like I already put in a full day. I will probably leave at the same time I normally do, just to get home before it gets too dark.
Besides the huge amount of snow, the wind has been blowing at around 20-30MPH all this time. Talk about not being able to see! What a mess--and they are predicting 50 degrees for Saturday!!
Take care.