Thursday, February 5, 2009


I have gotten invites from almost everyone in the Allen family to join them in Facebook. Well, Mike started me an account there long time ago. I never finished it and guess what??? I don't even know what password he used!!! So if you Allens would pass the word around that I am not being rude, I just really don't belong. Mike daid when he has time he will fix it all!

I spent a quiet day yesterday.At one point my blood pressure was up to 145/81. Russ said I had to rest all day. So I did!!!! This AM it is 132/69. That is still really high for me. I am used to 96/ 58. My sis is Arizona called me yesterday and told me high pressure was the perks of being old. Thanks Alot!!! I didn't think I was OLD! Just aging a little bit.

I was just on the blog Second Cup of Coffee, (I stole it from Cindy). She had a video of Floyd Cramer. Oh my, that brought back memories. Russ and I used to listen to his music all the time when we were young. For you younguns Google him and listen. It is a treat!!!!

Mike is late this AM. He had a late date last night after work. Bonnie lives about 40 miles from us and Mike works 10 away in a different direction. That is a long way to go at 9;30 at night! I am hoping to meet her soon.

I just striped Russ bed clear to the mattress so I better get busy or he won't have a bed tonight.

I saw on the Monticello paper this AM that it was -1 there. I hope you all are staying warm and healthy. We think of all of you every day. We sure love and miss family!!!

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