Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Today is.......

Ruth's birthday!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!! She is my niece and I think she is just 4 years younger than me. She even gets smart and calls me Aunty Enid sometimes!!!!

We had wind and rain last night but nothing like in OK. It made for some good sleeping.
Oh, Cindy, I loved the picture your son posted on FB. LOL

Bo is really missing Lil' Dude. He keeps looking for him. I sure hope he'll be gentle when we get Dude home this afternoon.

If I don't do anything else today, I am getting my hair cut, It is so bad I am scaring myself when i look in the mirror. I have bangs clear to the tip of my nose!!! LOl
Everyone have a great day!!!

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Ruth said...

Thanks again for the birthday greeting, Auntie Enid! Actually you are 5 years older than me...but who's counting!!!
I know what you mean about a hair cut; I've already trimmed my bangs and they need it again. Then for color!!
Love you!