Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dude is off to the Vets

Russ just Lil'Dude to the Vets. He has surgery in the morning to become an IT. It will be funny because he is built like a big guy!!! Bo is crying because he had to stay home. Wait til Russ comes home without Dude! He will be really sad.

I quit taking the motron(800 mg) thinking maybe it was raising my BP. well, it wasn't that, all I did was make my ankle hurt more.
I just saw in the news about tornados around Oklahoma City. It looked stormy by Lawton. Cindy, I hope Amanda and the boys are not around that mess. These storms in OK. and Texas can be scary. There is just so much open spaces.

I made a big pot of soup yesterday. It is a favorite around here. It is potatoes, corn and smoked sausage & etc. It takes less than 30 minutes to make. My kind of cooking. Tonight is easy. Hamburgers, beans and fried potatoes. A colesterol dream!!! LOl

I sat and watched the Caylee Anthony Memorial this morning. I am so addicted to that story. I watch Nancy Grace every night to see what is happening. Russ makes fun of me but at least I'm not watching Star Trek and CSI reruns like someone I know!!!!!

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12-arrows said...

Aunt Enid have I told you, like a million times, how much I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog? I love how you tell your story each day! Hopefully you will get your BP under control and thanks for being concerned about my kids! They are precious to us!

Gosh you make some awesome meals