Saturday, February 21, 2009


I just got off the ladder from cleaning two ceiling light fixtures. My old knees are still weak!!! I'll catch Billy B. Darn when Russ gets home!!! I AM not suppose to be on ladders let alone when no one is here!!!

Russ got an email from a class mate today saying Home Depot had donated 5 % of this month's profet to Black History Month. Well, They all wrote email to Home Depot asking when they were going to donate a month to White History. So fgar no replies! LOL They have all decided to use Lowes!!! Doesn't take much to keep a bunch of Senior men busy!!!

All you Yankee's need to keep your weather up north!! It is cold here again and suppose to freeze tonight. We are not used to cold the last of Feb. My peach tree is trying to bud! We are getting leaves on the ash trees. This will probably mean no peaches this year! That means no peach preserves. Break my heart!!!!

Russ will soon be home and I have to help him carry stuff in. Hope the rest of your week end is fun!


12-arrows said...

I hear ya on the black history month. Our kids have to do a project on black history and report it to the class. I want to know when they will do one on white history. Isn't turn about fair play? What about equality???
what if we only did a white history month???? would the blacks rise up and roar??? its a two way street for sure.

mrsb said...

It's 28 here this morning. Isn't it spring time yet? I'm getting itchy to start gardening. Not to mention I am sick of being cold.

Summer vacation can't get here too soon for me.