Thursday, February 19, 2009

Doctor Day

Yesterday was a good and bad doctor day! The Good was we were on the way home at 12:30. He was just 2 hours late!!!! Also good he took Russ off all his BP meds. His pressure was too low. Now the bad!!! I am now back on one med. My blood pressure was 160 over something. I can live with taking one pill. Also I have to go to Georgetown for a sleep apnea test. Because I sleep so bad at night, sometimes I wake up crosswise in bed. He is checking for restless leg. He does not like the place Russ went to. That means I'll sleep wired up and Russ will get to sleep in a motel!!!

WE went to Lowes looking for a new garage light this morning. We didn't find anything we like so decided to keep what we had. Money saved!!!!
I have one more coat of paint to put on one board, and the floor to paint and my part will be done! Then I can start on my dirty house! I want to do windows, floors and closets. I want to paint the living room but I don't dare say that to anyone here. They are so tired of projects!

Mike goes for his catscan tomorrow. He just found out he has $100 copay for it. That really bites! We have never had copays for tests. His company uses BlueCross/Blue Shield now. Their other was so much better.

I talked to my sister in law Mary yesterday. I always love talking to her. She always makes me laugh. She used to work in a nursing home and has some good stories!!!

The dogs are barking and Mike is hammering so think I am going to go hide!

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12-arrows said...

hopefully all will go well with your sleep test. Aunt Mary is just so sweet I don't think she has a mean bone in her body! Such a lovely gentle woman!

I can't even begin to imagine all the work and time you've put into your house and you want to paint again??? Hilarious! but I know once you get going and rooms start coming together you want them all to come together! Take a picture of that garage when you are done I am a visionary person and I want to see what is really like than what I've concoted from my own imagination! Love you!!!!