Friday, March 27, 2009

Always the Last to Know!!!

I just found out that Russ ' brother and wife split up some time ago! I didn't really know her soI'm not that concerned. It did make me think though. The 3 oldest boys in the family have all been married a long time!!! Russ and I almosr 49 years, No.2 must be close to 45 and no. 3 at around 40. We 3 wives may have a few wrinkles, a few more pounds than we want but our guys know when they have a good thing. Think a couple of the younger brothers need to take lessons from their older brothers.OF COURSE THESE 3 OLDER BROTHERS ARE PRETTY SPECIAL TOO.WE ALL DID GOOD!!!

We went to Lowes this afternoon. I got my paint for the bathroom, new faucets for the tub and sink, a new big medicine chest with 3 mirrors, brushed nickel spray paint. That is for a hanging thingy that is not the color I want and I am going to spray all my handles and hinges for the cabinets. I can't see spending the money on new ones.I also got new hinges for the door. I had never look at them before. You need to check your hinges!! Mine were all rusty. Guess I make too much steam in the shower!

I have some cleaning up to do and then hit the shower. I think tonight is going to be very short!! I'll hit the hay early!!!

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you!! We hit the jackpot!!!