Friday, March 27, 2009

Good morning!

I just crawled out of bed! I don't know how a 7 pound dog can make a overweight woman sleep on less than 12 inches of bed! I woke this morning to find I was staying in bed only by my finger nails! Dude was right in the middle of my back. We got a cold front last night and the windows were open! LOL Now, I have a queen size bed, you'd think I could use it! He also had most of the covers and my butt was hanging out too! Not a pretty site!

Russ found out his MRI showed, yes, his hip and leg pain is caused from his back. BUT>>>> The doctor is more concerned about the anuerysm and is sending him to a specialist at Scot & White. The big hospital in Temple. The doctor wants it to be fixed with a stent since he thinks the other surgery is too much for Russ. Guess we'll see. There is always something.

Would you believe they say we will have 50 mile an hour wind gusts today and a wind chill tomorrow night of 27??? What is with this weather??? It was 79 yesterday. Now we have to move everything today and get plants covered. This had better be the last of this crap!

I am slowly coming along in my bath. It is a mess right now. I have to go pick out new faucets for the tub this week end. I've about got that area ready for them. I have a shower curtain picked out so I better buy it too or they will all be gone! I have the paint colors picked out too. I am going to spray paint the hinges and handles brushed nickel so I don't have to buy new ones now! I am trying to save where I can because in 2 or 3 years Russ wants to gut and redo both bathrooms! I just couldn't handle sea shell that much longer! LOL

My stomach says I need breakfast and my hand full of pills! Then it is on the bike for a mile or two. Exciting, huh???

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Ruth said...

We're getting snow on Sunday!! it must be one of those signs of getting old--the winters seem a LOT longer and colder and snowier!!
Your doggies have you well trained, don't they?? Would love to have seen a picture of you in bed this morning, hanging off the edge LOL