Monday, March 16, 2009


I am much better this AM. I will still ask my doctor about it when I see her this AM. I have a recheck on my ankle and find out the results of my bone density test. Rus has blood work also. Then tomorrow Russ has anMRI of his back. He has had a herniated disc for years. They didn't want to operate because of his muscle disease, but... It is giving him big problems . The Doctor thinks it needs checked! I sure hope this does not mean surgery!

As I was fixing a salad last night, I wondered if I had ever shared my great find for keeping celery fresh???? I read somewhere that if you take the celery out of it's wrapper and wrap it up in aluminuim foil it will stay fresh. Well, last night I used some that was 5 weeks old and still fresh. I also clean my green onions and put them in a seal a meal bag. I use the Reynolds hand held on and you can reseal the bags. I use what *I need and reseal. They stay a long time! Before I was throwing more out than I used! Now aren't you glad I told you all that!!! LOL I sound like an advertisement
for Reynolds!

It is starting to warm up again! Hurrah! I am so tired of cleaning up mud and grass! Dude is a dirt magnet! His fur catches everything. They are both going later this week for cuts! Wish I could go get my hair done every month! After them I can't afford me!

I have to tell you how proud I am of my granddaughter, Maddy. She had 12 1/2 inches of her hair cut off this week end and it is being sent to Locks of Love! She is 10 and has always had long hair. I can't wait for a picture to see her new do.

It is that time! I need to take my 8 pills, and get ready to leave! ( only 3 are
meds). Have a great day!


Ruth said...

If you had what I had a few ago, I understand completely. I felt like I'd been hit by a BIG truck! It came and went pretty quickly, but the body aches sneak back up on if you do too much--hint, hint!!!
We are supposed to be in the sixites today and maybe 70 tomorrow. I can't wait to open the windows!!
I bet Maddy will look adorable with her new short 'do. Good for her, though, to donate her hair. Little girls especially must be so self-conscious when they lose their hair for whatever reason.
I am so sad todya-I had to have my Trixie cat put to sleep Saturday morning. She had been having trouble breathing and was taking prednisolone, but got a lot worse Friday night. The vet at the emergency clinic said cats get these lung problems for no reason sometimes. She had fluid in her chest and a collapsed lung. Any treatment would have been life long and it just doesn't seem right to put pets through that when they don't understand. So I said good-bye to her and spent most of the week-end crying.
Have you seen "Slumdog Millionaire"? My friend and I went yesterday. We both needed something to distract us- I lost Trix and her long-time neightbor died last week. Seeing that movie will make you count your blessings!
Take care. Hope you and Russ both get good reports from your doctors.
Love you

Granola Mom said...

I'll try to get a picture up today. The last couple of weeks have been so busy, and the weekend wasn't much better! I have Joe's IEP meeting today, an appointment with his audiologist tomorrow to discuss the hearing aids, and then Friday I'm having lunch with one of my internet friends, who is driving an hour and a half to meet me!

Her husband is retired from ABC, and her daughter plays the trombone! How weird is that?

Hope that shot has you feeling better! Now go drink some milk.