Monday, March 16, 2009

Just home from the doctor. I got a HUGE allergy shot! Sheaid that was my problem. I also got back my bone density test! I am going to he.. in a hand basket!!!!! As Gladys would have said. My neck, hips and spine are all in the danger zone. She has put me on a nasal spray instead of Fosamax or etc. She said it would be much better for me. She said the calcium I take daily is the right dose, also the vitamin D. She was glad I eat yogurt daily but didn' t like that I don't drink milk. I have been eating more cheese and I eat a lot of cottage cheese so I guess that helps. The doctor made a mistake on Russ appt. It was suppose to be fasting so He'll do that next week. So, other than I can break a bone easily, I'm doing ok!!!!!

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Ruth said...

Has your allergy shot kicked in yet? Spring is murder for a lot of people with trees and grass and flowers all coming out at the same time.