Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Have you ever had to fast a pet? It makes you feel so bad. Bo could have nothing not even water since 7 last night. Russ and I couldn't eat or drink this morning before they left for his appointment. Dude hadn't ate either. Soon as Russ left with Bo I fed Dude.

I am now eating breakfast. A bowl of Pedro's Special. It is the best!!! For those of you not in the know... You brown a # of hamburger, drain and add 1/4 t oregano and a good 2 T chili powder. 1/3 c water and a can of tomato sauce. you layer this with a drained can of beans. You can use Ranch, chili or plain kidney beans. After the beans a layer of crushed Doritos. ( I use chili cheese Fritos). Repeat layers! Bake 40 minutes covered and 10 uncovered at 350. Serve with chopped onions and lettuce on top! This is easy to double or triple! And makes good leftovers!!!! Everyone in the family asks for this!

Mike got a bill for his MRI! It said his insurance had denied it!! Almost $3000. I thought he'd have a heart attack! Well, he called the insurance company and got a snippy woman, after arguing with her, he ask for a supervisor. He was put on hold for a good half hour and finally talked to someone else. They argued, she finally said she would call his doctor. The doctor had told Mike the insurance approved it when they called for the approval from the insurance. A couple hours later the first nasty person called Mike and apologizes. The insurance company made a mistake in posting it. It would be paid in full. How about that! An insurance company saying they made a mistake!!!!
My plans for today are to work in my bath and to continue to weed! I got about half of the fence on one side done yesterday! I picked up about half a carton of cigarette butts from the neighbors! I wish I could put up a 10 foot solid brick wall on that side of the yard! They are pure trash!!!! Russ will be back soon so I best start his breakfast! He does not eat Pedro's Special for breakfast!!!!! LOL

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Ruth said...

Your Pedro's Special recipe sounds GOOD! I'll have to try it. Of course, I'll end up eating for days on end, but that's OK. I don't have to think about what to make for supper!!
Talked to Aunt Jeannie yesterday for her birthday. You should have heard when I called her 'Dorajean'! She still loves me, though.
I asked her if she did anything special and she said they went to Francesville to buy ice cream! Now there is fun day LOL.
Back to work!