Monday, March 23, 2009

Good morning! Not much going on here! All I did yesterday was help Russ cut lattace to put around the bottom of the deck. It is to keep the boys from crawling under there and getting dirty. The rest of the day I sat around and watched America's Top Model reruns! LOl A real productive day!!!
I am making up for it today! I have washed down cupboards, cleaned under the frig and mopped the utility and kitchen. In between doing our and Mike's laundry. I also brushed both dogs before they took them to the groomer. I can't wait to see Dude when he is done. This is his first time being groomed.

Mike went to Henderson's and brought us a spanish skillet! No one but Kris will know how good that is! Trice was working so we got lots of pico to go with it.

Russ is out spreading weed and feed. It is suppose to rain this week. Sure hope so as it needs lots of water to do its job,. WE sure need it to work! The yard is not good this year.

My peach tree is starting to flower. I hope to get enough this year to make preserves so hope it blooms good! This is a young tree and this will only be thge 3 year for peaches. We had to cut the older tree down. I was too sad! It produced too many for me to keep up with.

I have been getting my jelly recipes together. We have nothing left but plum so I need to star making! I found a lot of weird stuff to eat with meat or put on biscuits or cornbread. One is Herbed Garlic and another is 5 pepper! I'll let you know how they turn out!!! Of another is zucchini. It has a 1/2 c of horseradish in it! That ought to be good! LOL

The dryer is buzzing and I better get at it!

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Granola Mom said...

Oh, man, I'm jealous of your Spanish Skillet! Every once in a while, I get everything and make them myself. Not quite the same, though!