Saturday, March 21, 2009

I had a laugh this morning when I read Cindy's blog. Not because her son stepped on a nail,( hope the foot is better), but because the ER people all know them!

When we lived on Okinawa everyone at the hospital knew us! Not so much Trice or Mike but KRIS!!!! It seems we were in there at lot! Like the time she bit the dog on the nose. The poor dog cut her mouth getting away. We went off to the hospital to have her mouth checked. She was fine but the dog got put at the Vets for 2 weeks to make sure she was not diseased. Poor Heidi.

Where Russ worked he was locked in and could not leave. It was 4th of July and Trice was baking cookies. Kris climbed up on the washer got down the bug spray and pumped it into Trice's glass of cool aid. Trice not knowing drank it down. I had to hail a taxi to take us to the hospital. Ran in, said my daughter drank bug spray. They quickly grabbed Kris. I had to say no, it is the 11 year old. Trice got her stomach pumped and I had a lot of explaining to do!!. By the time Russ got someone to come work for him and raced to the hospital it was all over.

This is the same kid that ask her Dad if she could bake him a cake as he was going to bed after working all night! Russ said sure knowing she was playing pretend! Well, she took every plastic dish and toy she had, put them in my oven and turned it to 400. You never saw such a mess! And the smell!!!! Guess who got out of bed to clean it!!!! It took a lot of scraping and elbow grease but it finally came clean. We couldn't punish her, she had permissiom! LOL So you see Cindy, you might have 12 but we had Kris! She sure kept our life interesting! Everytime one of her kids does something we shake our heads and laugh and say PAY BACKS!!!!

It is still to cool to go out and work in the yard. I guess I could work on the bathroom. It was taken a back seat since it got so nice out! Who wants to clean and paint when they can go play in the dirt???

Everyone think back on funny memories today. It sure makes you feel good!!!!


12-arrows said...

You put a huge smile on my face! I love hearing stories about other peoples kids! makes mine not seem quite so bad! LOL Oh I have plenty more stories just not sure everyone wants to hear them!

Enjoy the outside-spring weather. Your inside rooms can wait. fresh air is the best after a long winter of breathing stale inside air!

Cold here again, and snow flurries! Gotta love spring in Michigan!!

Granola Mom said...

I have NO idea what you are talking about! I was a perfect child.