Friday, March 20, 2009

I just completed another 1/2 day outside working! Still have half the patio to go! I got a patio tomato planted and repotted some things that needed new soil. I have the easy side of the patio cleaned. I will go out and finish when Trice comes over. I have an extra pepper and basil plant for her.

Can you believe it is the 20th of March already? Time is really flying. I will need to go get some clothes soon for when we are in Indiana. Either that or go naked or paint splattered! Think all the relatives would rather I shopped! I hate shopping! I buy clothes just when neccessary and shoes, I really hate. I neve wear them unless I leave the house. The neighbors are always yelling about me bring out bare footed.

I never did get my hair cut. Now at home I wear it in this teeny pony tail. I really will get it cutsoon. It is so hot already that I'll never be able to stand it.

Mike got the hole dug this morning and Russ got his new rose planted. The roses on the trellis are all in bloom and very pink. The Lady Banks is in bloom and it is yellow! So we have lots of clor right now. Last week Russ wisteria was blooming and that was purple. I just love spring!!!!

The dryer is buzzing so I better go fold clothes. Hope your week end is sunny!!!!

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12-arrows said...

flowers already? wow thats so not fair! I can't wait for the sights and smells of spring to arrive here. The dirtyness of winter is still lingering and our yard needs attention of which i don't want to give it any, my kids need it more! LOL

YOu amaze me with all your busyness and hard work!