Monday, March 30, 2009

What a day!!!

When we got up this AM Russ said he had a funny feeling in his chest about 2 , but had gone back to sleep after sitting up awhile. After breakfast Mike and I primed the bath getting it ready to paint. Russ wanted to get something at Lowes so I went with him. Well, after we had shopped awhile Russ was acting a little funny so I ask if he was ok. He then said I think i need to go to the emergency room!!! Typical man, he had to come home first to change his shes and shirt!!! Mike drove us out to the hospital and thbe emergency room was full as usual! There was a girl screening as you walk in the door and she took Russ right in to the nurses station and started an ekg. From there we went back to see the doctor. He got blood tests, pee tests, a chest xray and was given meds. The doctor said he was going to call Russ' doctor. Within 30 more minutes Russ was admitted and up in his room. It was not a heart attack and so far everything looks good. He said they have been running more tests and of course more blood tests.

I think he just wanted to get away from this remodel mess!!! LOL. I just talked to him and he seems much better. He had just got through talking to his brother Francis! I put on Facebook that he was in the hospital and his nephew had texted him and I guess he told his dad. Russ was quite happy to hear from him.

He is complaining about the food already. It is a 7th day adventist hospital and they serve mostly chicken. He will get a meatless breakfast as they do not serve any pork. Trice did take him a sourdough burger from Jack in the Box after she got off work!!! LOL

Well it is almost time for dancing with trhe stars. I've had my shower, in my jammies and am going to fix a salad for my dnner. I'll watch a little TV and then go off to bed with my 2 buddies. I'll have them both hogging the bed tonight!!!

Say a prayer that Russ gets home tomorrow!!!

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Anonymous said...

It sounds as if there is never a dull moment at your house...Let us know what is going on...Tell Russ that is a heck of a way to get out of the work at home!! I am shopping today with a friend and Gerry is staying home painting the ceiling and walls in the living room...What a guy, huh??!!! Love you guys..Penny