Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wow! I took the meds last night for the restless legs and I was awake most of the night So, today has been a slow day! I did work in the bathroom for awhile!

Russ went to Spanish class so I laid down for awhile. As soon as I feel asleep Mike called, then something set the boys off, then the doorbell rang. Finally I just got up. I'll be ready for bed tonight!!!

It is thundering out and we've had some rain today. It is cold!!! It never got above 65 today.

I made a big salad for dinner and used some of the spicy basil from my "garden" in it! It was really good. Mike came over with steaks that he cooked on the grill! I fixed some potatoes and that was dinner! Russ did dishes so I had an easy time!!!

I hope I stay awake to watch Idol tonight! I have to stay awake for awhile!Russ brought home some Candy Jar ice cream. It has big ole hunks of peanut butter cups in it! Yummy!

It is starting to lightening so I am going to turn this off for the night. I good evening to read!!!

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Granola Mom said...

We NEVER have good storms her. If there is any kind of storm, it's rain and wind, no thunder or lightening. I miss them. Alabama had the best ones!