Friday, April 24, 2009

Crap, I hit enter and and it posted! Just the title, LOL!

Let me tell you about my car! The day of surgery we went out to get in my car and the dumb alarm went off and kept going off until the battery went dead! Russ and Mike jumped in Mike's truck ( Russ' was above my car in the drive way and we couldn't get it out) and took off for the hospital. I had to call Trice to get her and Anthony to pick me up. It was a crazy morning!!!
While ago I went to go pick up Russ' meds at WalMart. The alarm went off as soon as I turned the car on. Russ called the dealer and told him to come and cut the wires. Some one is suppose to be here later. In the mean time the battery is dead again!!!. It set and chirped all afternoon. I HATE alarms!!! Now Mike came home is going after the meds. It is Russ' pain medicine and he needs it!!!

Since I couldn't shop, I ate the rest of my chocolate!!! It is very humidand so the chocolate was melting. That's my story and I stand by it!!! Guess it is better to eat chocolate than to drink!!! LOL

I guess Mike is cooking on the smoker tomorrow. Anna is coming home for the week end and Russ told her we'd have a BAR BQ! Silly man, he can't even go outside any farther than the patio!!! Mike is getting a brisket and we have baby back ribs! Wonder who they think is cooking the rest??????? I may run away from home!

Well, Russ' home health nurse is due! He was expecting a pretty young thing and said she sounded old on the phone! We will see! LOL The fun life of the Allens!!!!

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