Saturday, April 25, 2009

Had a good laugh yesterday!! The health nurse came! She was a BIG middle age black woman! Can't wait for the one today!!! LOL
I just made the potato salad and pea salad. I am going to try a red bean and rice salad. Mike has the brisket on the smoker and baby back ribs and sausages to add later.
Went and got Anna's birthday cards and money. She even has a card from the dogs!

Have the air going today. It has been in the upper 80s and very humid. Hope it doesn't rain. That makes it hard to keep the smoker going.

I went over to Wal Mart this am. They are remodeling and you can't find anything!!!I hate it when you have a store layout memorized and they change everything. They did that to the commissary awhile back. I make my grocery list out according to the store layout. When they change things I always miss half of the list!!!

Russ is doing good today. He is really sore. It hurts to sit down as the pressure bandage cuts into him. He is really tired of taking wh---s baths. He is a 2 shower a day person and this is killing him! To go a week without one will really be hard! I feel almost guilty when I take a shower! LOL

I hope you all have a sunny, warm week end!!!

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