Thursday, April 2, 2009

I am late this morning! Another busy day!!! I have the plumber here fixing a leak and putting in a new bathtub faucet set up.The one we bought didn't have all the parts So I had to make a trip to Home depot to exchange it. Me with paint all over me and the water shut opff! LOL

Russ had to get up this AM and go get another blood test. His poor arms are so black and blue and sore. He ran home ate something and took off for Temple. ( About 30 miles) There he is getting his 3rd catscan since Monday and like his 5th EKG, and his 2 chest xray. You would think they could oder tests already done from other hospitals!

At least I can paint in the bathroom soon. All that is left is the outside of the cabinets and the floor. I have one side of most of the doors done and the drawers. Still have like 4 doors to sand. It is way too windy today!!!

I got my shower curtain, rugs and waste basket yesterday. I took the medicine chest back. It would only fit if we moved the light1 I said no way. Mike took my old mirror and spray painted the frame a polished nickel and it looks real nice. He has that hung and the hand towel ring. He painted thids medal thingy that holds rolled towels. That is up and the towels are in it!. I still need a cabinet above the toilet and a blind or roman shade for the window. My budget is about shot so can't do too much more. I did't expect a plumber bill.
Well sounds like I have water! Hurrah!!!! Now i can do the dishes!!! Fun Fun!!!

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