Friday, April 3, 2009

It is Friday!!! Does that mean the start of a fun filled week end???? NOT! I am still "doing" the bath!!! We got the handles on all the doors last night and went to do hinges and found out I bought the wrong ones. Back to Lowes I go!!!! When the plumber left yesterday he said they'd just send the bill in the mail! Now that is scary!!!! LOL Today I start cleaning the floor and putting on primer. Tomorrow is paint and Sunday poly. Then I do the final touches and done!!! I hope Mike comes and sands the last 4 doors today so they can be painted. He wasn't here yesterday. He had some business to do and then have game night. He is on mids so his day starts at 2.

I just read on Kris' blog that she is getting her oldest a drivers permit and driving lessons!!! That is not possible!!! He is NOT old enough!!!! LOL It was just a couple years ago that I rocked him to sleep! I just cannot believe he will be 17 in May!

Russ is off to see the vascular doctor this morning. Say a prayer it is good news!! On his way he is gfoing to stop in Belton and see about getting some Heritage roses. The Master Gardeners are having a sale. He would put the whole back yard in roses if he could! It is always nice when he can cut me some for the house. He has some that's scent is heavenly!!!

Well, I need to go eat something, take my pills and get this big butt in gear!! Have a good day!!!

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