Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers! They worked!!!!! Russ' surgery went like clock work! It took about 3 1/2 hours and he was in recovery 3 hours! The people in Scott and White were so nice! The waiting room has a big desk where people sign in for surgery but they also have big computer screens that the operating room sends you messages! It was really neat. out where the seats were they had huge screens that trck everything from the time they start the surgery until they go to recovery. I could always see how many minutes were left. If they had opened , when the stent went in and when they were closing. Sure did help!!! The woman at the desk befriended me and she made pecial calls and between her and Russ' nurse in recovery, I got to sneak in and spend a few minutes with Russ. Before she left for the day she got me a pillow and blanket for up in Russ room so i'd be comfortable! What a sweetheart!.
Russ has a huge pressure bandage on and will have it 5 days. There will be home health care come for 5 days to take his vitals and check his wounds. On Tuesday they will take this bandage off and show me how to take care of it. In 2 weeks he will get the staples out. Then if he feels like it he can driove.
Of course in 2 weeks Mike has his knee surgery and will be in a brace and on crutches. So it will start all over again! Oh my!!!!

We are both very tired and will make a short night of it tonight. I still have to go feedhios birds and put corn out for the critters. then I am going to go read and eat CHOCOLATE!!!!! Love you all!


12-arrows said...

well you definitely need some comfort food for all you've been through and chocolate sounds like a great way to take care of that! I am so happy all went well and that his recovery goes as planned. Kris did a great job of keeping us all informed! PTL for FB honestly what did we do without it????

Ruth said...

That's great news! Your biggest problem will probably be getting Russ not to do too much, too soon!! All men think they are indestructible!
Don't forget to take care of yourself through all of this-chocolate and ice cream is the way I would go!!!
Love to all,