Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This will be the last posting for a few days. We have to be at the hospital at 6 am tomorrow.That means a get up at 4 . The surgery will be the first of the day and 3 1/2 hours
is the amount of time it is suppose to take.

Russ and I went clothes shopping yesterday. We hit some good sales again!! I got another pair of jeans, capris and a top. Russ found 3 dress pullovers, 2 tees and a pair of jeans. I am almost set on summer clothes now. I need a couple more tops, undies and dress shoes. I have never bought so many clothes for one season before! I was just so out of clothes. Paint does that to you! LOL

Yesterday while Russ had appointments at the hospital, I painted the hall! I did walls and ceiling. I HATE painting ceilings!!! I learned a good trick from Mike. I have a scrub brush with a handle like a broom. It unscrews., the roller handle has a place to screw things in~ Good deal! I could paint with my feet on the floor instead of on a ladder!!! When I was done, I had about a quart of splatters to clean off the floor! I have it (hardwood) all cleaned and will wax it this morning.

If you all will, pray for Russ and the doctor in the morning! This is not an easy operation. One slip and the thing bursts and you bleed to death. Also pray Russ tiny veins are big enough to handle the tools that have to be run up them. It will be a long 3 1/2 hour for me and the kids!

I will post as soon as I can to let you all know how things went! Love you all.

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