Saturday, April 11, 2009

This has been the most boring day of my blog world! I did not leave the house all day! I staightened the house, ironed some shirts, baked some brownies, took a shower and went to sleep! I slept all afternoon! I woke up about 5:15. Russ went to Jack in the box and got dinner( I love him!) and here we are at 6"o9 with nothing done!!! It is a dreary day out! Chill, damp and not inviting! The bright spot of the day was Russ brought me in a beautiful Angel Face rose in a bud vase. It is between a pink and a mauve and is the best smelling rose I have ever smelt!

My grandson in NJ had his first driving lesson today! He called Russ before and after it! He was quite nervous before but said after he did ok! Way to go!!! After his class he has to wait until his birthday to get his license. In NJ you have to be 17 and then there arte restricyions until you are 18. Maybe more states should do that. It might save some teens lives.

Russ birthday is Monday! I just looked at the calendar!! Whoops!I did get his gift a month or so ago. He saw an angel for the yard he wantedand I bought it and gave it to him! I guess I'll have cake and ice cream Monday as the kids will come over with his gifts.

The little Miss from NJ just called her grandad. They are having a great conversation about sharks!!! How cute!!! Her grandad gave me a thumbs up when I told him who it was. I think except for have tos this is his first real call from her.
Now it is UFOS!!! quite a conversation!!! Gotta go.. Have a blessed Easter tomorrow!


Penny said...

Wow Aunt Enid You need to take a break. The bathroom is beautful and so is the CAR!!.

We love you,

Mom and Penny

Granola Mom said...

Spent a lot of yesterday at my in-laws. I hung out with the baby for most of the time - he's pretty cute. I nicknamed him "Stink", which Carrie hated passionately. Which made it even better, lol. She had him dressed up in a pink and white bunny suit. That poor child.