Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Russ, Bo and Dude!!!

Today is Russ' birthday. When we got Bo's papers we discovered he had been born on Russ' birthday. And since we got Dude from the pound and the Vet said he is around Bo's age we decided today will be his birthday too!!! The boys will get new yard toys this afternoon! Russ and Bo play catch every day. Russ throws the ball and Bo brings it back. Dude looks at them and thinks Bo is crazy for doing all the work! LOL

Russ chose to get a cheese cake instead of birthday cake! That was fine with me!! Mike and Trice will come over and I will have to send leftovers home with Trice for Anthony. He will be at work. It just does not seem possible he is 68! Don't know how he got there! I am only 39!!!! LOL

Russ has to go get the insurance fixed on the car today. I am hoping he'll pick me up some paint tape. Think I will paint the hall trim today! I am scared if I say paint he will have a heart attack!!!

Tomorrow is the big day! I am cutting my hair!!!The pony tail has to go!! LOL ( No, I don't wear it like that in public) Trice and I are going to the mall to get it cut and then do a little shopping. I need new jeans and I want some comfortable to wear to Temple Wednesday. I am going with Russ to his appointments there. I want to meet and hear what the surgeon has to say. Say a prayer that he will be able to do the one that is easiest on Russ!

I best go eat, and then get busy! I have all those Monday morning chores to do!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to everybody!!! Hope you have a great day.
Went to Larry's yesterday for Easter; Terry and I end up yakking about the hospital, then we have to stop and change subjects to something Lar and Ab are interested in!
They had tasted a key lime cheesecake sample at Costco and loved it, so we had that and I made a pineapple upside-down cake. First one in years, but it sure tasted good.
They experimented with a new sweet potato casserole that was topped with streusel-yum and I made a zucchini casserole from Paula Deen-it's a keeper, too.
Didn't stay real late since Abi had to go to work.

Ruth said...

That wasn't supposed to be from anonymous--got my fingers in the wrong place!!