Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Well, Trice dyed my hair last night. It covered my gray good but it turned out the most boring clor of brown. I'll wait two weeks and get something to put on the right color!!

We spent all day at Scott and White today! I met Russ surgeon and he is so nice!!! A real sweetheart. Russ will have surgery a week from today! Prayers worked and it will be the easier procedure! We are thrilled!
I am very tired tonight. I have been up since 3. See you tomorrow!!!

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12-arrows said...

praying that Uncle Russ's surgery goes just fine! You've accomplished alot these past few months you deserve a break, sit down, prop your feet and read or enjoy tv. I know I know I know you have to stay busy! I hear ya I am the same way! Its hard to sit and relax, even sick its hard!