Thursday, April 9, 2009

Whew! this has been a busy day and it is only 12:30!!! I got up at 6 and put a coat of poly on the bathroom floor. Then I was rushing to eat and get ready for an 8:00 eye appointment. This only having one bathroom is for the birds!! We found out Russ and I both need new glasses.
After we got home I made a bath of Mountain Dew jelly. It is sorta lemony and tastes real good. It is pretty sweet though. I just got done with the blueberry marmalade. Can't get better than oranges, lemons and blueberries!!!

This afternoon I have one more coat of poly to put on and then tomorrow I can clean up the mess and move back into my bath! Hurrah! Russ' is so small and has a very narrow tub. When you take a shower in there it feels like everything is closing in on you!

IO promised my self I would do some work in the front yard this afternoon. I will but I am not saying how much!!! LOL

Russ brought me home a back of the toilet shelving unit yesterday in brushed nickel. It goes really well in there and is just what I wanted! What a guy!!!

If you are on facebook. Click the link that Kris posted titled Good bye to an old friend! It is so sad. By the time I finished it I was sobbing. We will miss her old friend too.

I best go find my garden shoes and get my fat butt busy! I really need the exercise!!!

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