Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wow! It is only 1:30. It feels like bed time! We went to WalMart and Lowes very early this morning. I then got a wild thought and started making jelly. I made 3 citrus. It is orange, lime and pink grapefruit. It is really good. It takes a little work but worth it. Then..... I made garlic and rosemary jelly. It tastes really good but has not yet set up. I sure hope I don't have to recook it. Russ really likes the taste. It will be great with steak .
Tomorrow I am doing a zucchini relish jelly and a red onion. Then I will try frozen mango and red raspberries jam.

The doors are all up in the bathroom, Russ is making little shelves for my candles and Mike is painting some trim that will go around the window. I will do the floor this week and then call it done!!! I am not starting anything else until we find out what kind of surgery Russ will have.

I think if he has the very hard surgery we will fly up to Indiana and then get a rental. We may take our Jersey trip later. It all is up in the air now!

I guess I could spend my time this week working on the front yard. We never put any pain into it because we can no longer enjoy it. Since they put the GHETTO apartments across the street we never go out front. In and out of the truck is about all. When we got the truck, Russ went out to take pictures of it. This BIG black wrestler type woman yelled across the street "Why ya takin pictures of me?" Russ yelled back "Why the hell would I take pictures of you". She went in the house! LOL The fun of living in Killeen!!

I am going to go put my feet up awhile! See you later.


Anonymous said...

Keep us posted on the surgery....Where are you staying when you come home....our door is always open!!!Love...Butch and Penny

12-arrows said...

you totally crack me up! we know all about GHETTO living! sure missed reading your blog, but I'm BACK!!!!