Saturday, April 4, 2009

It is 5:55 Am and I have already put a coat of paint on the last 4 doors! If I don't hurry and get done I 'll be tired of it before I finish!!

Last night on the way home from dinner Russ told me we were stopping at Verizon and he was buying a new phone for me for his birthday!!! I got a LG enV2. I now will have email when we travel!! We got mine in a red so we could tell our phones apart.

Russ got the bed cover for his truck yesterday afternoon. It will be nice when we go grocery shopping today. We won't have to worry something
will blow out. He also got wind guards on the windows. I like the windows open but not getting blown away so he fixed that! What a guy!!!

Yes, Russ will have surgery in the near future. It is complicated so everyone needs to talk to Russ for info about it!!! He told me NOT to put it on my blog!!!!I think he thinks the whole world reads this. Little does he know!!!

I haven't got the bath done but I am now planning on painting the hall. It needs freshened up. I may just put a coat of whats on it now and repaint the trim. THEN all I will have left is the living room! I don't dare touch the computer rooms! Russ has wall to wall pictures in his that he took. His wall won't get dirty! LOL and My room is still just fine! We still need to sand all the floors and refinish or get laminate. That is in the future. I have blown the budget for awhile. I really hate retirement!!! W really have to plan so much more!!

Guess the next purchase will be a new cover for the deck. We had bad winds the other night and it got shredded!!! All that is left is the frame!!! I was just sick. We really enjoy sitting out there but with out a cover the sun would fry us in the summer.

WEll, I guess Russ and the dogs are sleeping in. I'll have to go do something to make a little noise.!!! LOL

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