Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You know how you'd give your kids a bath and you turn around and they are filthy??? Well, that is Dude We gave him a bath and this morning he went out and came in looking like a black dog!!! I was so mad. Bo had wet feet, Dude must have rolled in the mud!!!

Trice will be here soon and we will go get me the dreaded hair cut! It seems no matter where I go or what I say, I always come out with the same hair cut! I want something different!!!!!!

We (Russ & I) decided enough of the gray and I have my trusty bottle of Nice N Easy Gray Solution sitting here on stand by!!!! If it was all gray it would be ok but it is in the mouse stage.

Well think the dryer is done with my pants I want to wear! Easy on and off to try on clothes!!!!

The pictures is Dude right out of the tub!!! Looks like he stuck a paw in a light switch!!!!


Granola Mom said...

That is the weirdest looking dog....

12-arrows said...

so happy you got yourself some clothes. . . and shoes. . . . well they are just my thing. I love 'em the more the merrier only I seem to by black! can't have enough of black sandles, shoes, etc. Its crazy! Your dogs are alot like kids for sure! LOL atleast they are little and easy to rebathe! Hopefully your hair turned out I totally understand. I used to go to a lady and everytime I left it was always with the same cut and it cost me a fortune. Now I have a great hairstylist and she is only $14 cut dry style. Amazing.