Monday, April 13, 2009

I am pooped! I just finished painting all the trim in the hall! There are 6 door ways in it!! That up and down the ladder kills me! I have all the pictures down, the frames cleaned and the walls are ready to paint as soon as I buy it!!! Think I will use the same color as on there , just refresh it.

I have the nicest husband! Last night he went to the store and came home with a great new skillet. I had said something last week about how the one I use the most is about worn out!
He spent the day today cleaning the inside of my car. They had used that car smelly stuff in it! I am so allergic! It smelled like those little old ladies that take a bath in perfume and then get in the elevator with you! Bleck!!!!!

Our "Daughter" from Columbia called yesterday. She his starting her internship in Miami in July. She is going for psychiatry. She was cooking a leg of lamb yesterday. I had to chuckle, when she came to live with us she couldn't make a bed! I told her she had to keep her room and bathroom clean and she thought I was crazy! She had never had to do anything. The maid did it! She learned fast around here. I still remember the first time she scrubbed the toilet! LOL She lived with us for two school yearsand we are real proud of her. We would love to know what ever happened to the Japanese girl we had on year before Indira. That girl was crazy. The last letter I go she was in college and riding a motercycle! LOL.

It is 4 so I best go make a salad and get my pasta started. It is a fast dinner tonight so we can have birthday cheese cake!!!

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Granola Mom said...

When I read the first sentence of this post, I thought it said "I pooped!".....

I thought you had finally, completely lost your mind!