Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!! Everyone please take a moment and remember not only the military, but all our loved ones who have passed. They have all the flags out at the Military cemetery here and it is beautiful.

Well, I got my new glasses!! I am still getting used to them. I also got sunglasses for half price! It is a good thing I had a new prescription here!!! When I went back to get my glasses, Russ decided he might as well get his new ones too. He gets to pick his up tomorrow.

It is a good thing we have two cars! Tomorrow I have a pace/ defib check up at the same time he is to get his glasses and get his lap top out of the doctors. Hope they found his mouse!!! LOL

I finished making jam yesterday!! I made a batch of blueberry marmalade and had a bunch of blueberries left so decided to make another. I had no more Certo so I hit the net and found a recipe using Sure Jell. It even tastes different. I also made another batch of 3 citrus. Russ wanted plum but I never found any plums. I may have to look around for something exciting to make him!!!

We are leaving for Monon on the 3!!!!!! We are staying there until the 22. We will get to go to the family reunion on the 7th. We have not been to one since Russ niece Sheridan was a baby and she graduates from high school this year!!! WE will have plenty of time to visit with family and friends.

I have the freezer stocked for Mike and dog food bought! Just need to buy the dogs snacks yet. Bo can only have snacks that are less than 5 % fat. Boy is that hard! About the only thing there is is freeze dried chicken breasts. It is 10dollars for a bag. I have to watch Russ or he gives them too many and the jar gets empty before I am ready to buy more!!! LOl

Well, these glasses are about to make me sick. The worst is when I am on the computer. Think I need my bifocals raised higher...

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Granola Mom said...

Wow, that is a long vacation! If we get the stuff straightened out with Joe's hearing aids soon, when we get the vacation money this year, Bill and I are talking about taking a long weekend away by ourselves. Doesn't seem very likely at this point, but you never know!

Guess where we might go? Iceland! It's super cheap to go there, because their economy went bust last summer. We want to go on one of their whale watching excursions. It's either that, or Bermuda. Bermuda is only about a 90 minute flight from here.

Maddy is going to be doing Harry Potter summer camp for a week in July up by where Carrie lives. She'll stay with them for the week - that would be the perfect time to get away! Joe can stay with Barb and Chrystian can have a friend stay with him at the house. We'll see.