Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I am sitting here eating a sandwich with slices of the first tomato of the year on it! It is so good!!!There is one more almost ripe. I thought for sure I'd miss them.

I had my pacemaker check this morning. A battery is suppose to last 4 years. I use my pacemaker so little in 4 years I have only used up 45% of the battery! Glad to know I won't have that to face for awhile.
Russ got his glasses and there is something wrong with the prescription. They make him look cross eyed. He can't begin to wear them!!!Guess tomorrow will be a trip to the eye doctors!!!

Tomorrow is our appointments to the heart doctor. I will probably have to pack a sack lunch!! We have a 10:30 appointment and he is usually about 4 hours behind!!! We love him so we put up with it.
We had doctor appoints scheduled while we were gone so I changed the appointments to the first, and I don't even remember what mine is for!!! LOL It is a good thing its in the doctors computer!

The washer is calling my name again!!!!!!!

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