Thursday, May 21, 2009

I am on a rant again!! I am so disappointed in people!!! Last night was the final on Idol. A nice sweet guy won. He was a so so singer. He will never make it big because all his songs sound the same and you can't understand a word he sings. The guy with the great voice should have won. But he is different. He wears eyeliner and black fingernail polish and just may be gay. He was judge on appearance not on singing. I will never watch that show again. I am so tired of people being judged! I see it every day and read about it . Kids are being attacked because they are different. It is so sad!!

One of our kids were different too. (and still is!!) She wore black clothes , funny makeup and was so different than the other two. And her friends were really different!! Well, she grew up to be a very good mother, she fights for kids with disabilities and is fun to be around./ As for those strange friends.. one is a nurse, one lives in Saudi and is a school principal, one is an airline pilot and one has a great business in Seattle. All are happy well adjusted adults!

Enough of that! It just makes me so angry!!!

I had a funny thing happen last night! I sent a text to Kris, or I thought. I got a text back and it was my neighbor asking who is this!!! I think the text she got said something about puking!!! LOL Anyway she doesn't really text so after I told her it was me she called me and we had a long conversation!!! It was all too funny!!

I think there is war going to happen in our neighborhood!! Russ got a call last night from the neighbor who is in Iraq. He ask if we had seen a man at his house. Russ told him there is someone over there in the back yard but both sisters are out there with him. Russ was not going to lie but he really didn't see anything wrong going on, This happens so much. Rick is over there as a civilian and this is his third straight year. He comes home on leave twice a year for two weeks each time. He is making good money but his home life is going down the tubes!!!

Just 3 weeks until we go to IN. I am getting ready!!! I even have my suitcase down and putting things in it as I think of things. It has been almost 2 years since we were there.

I promise I will be in a better mood next time!!! LOL


Granola Mom said...

At least I had a mom who wasn't judgmental and sewed me awesome black lace skirts :O)

And it runs in the family. You've seen how your granddaughter dresses, lol!

And, yep, as many of the misfits as I can find, they all turned out pretty well. Did I tell you that I found this nice couple that I used to know? They were about my age, and dated when he was a very young GI and she was still in high school, back when I was dating Todd. They are still together! Amazing. They have a boy the same age as Joe who also has autism and she's pregnant with a little girl right now. I found them on facebook. I don't think you knew them, though to remember them. They were more of Nickie's brother Rick's crowd - a little younger than me.

And, yes, it's just a darn shame that Adam lost. Kris seemed like a really sweet kid that should be singing in coffee houses. Of course it didn't hurt that his home state generated 38 million votes!!! Arkansas must have some serious texting ability.

TexasGrandma said...

So true

12-arrows said...

different is good. We can't all be the same thats for sure or else life and this world would be boring.

Most of the time its the popular vote that wins out even over good singing. Its a shame but unfortunately thats how it is. Sometimes I wonder just how some of those contestants even made it as far as they did. But I still liked Danny Gokey and didn't vote for anyone in the end. Too many trying to phone or text. A friend of mine tried for the entire 4 hours and never got through. Don't judge one season by the stuff that went on this season.