Tuesday, May 19, 2009

People are so stupid!!!

The neighbor just pulled up in his truck. He had one of his sons with him. The son is puffing on a cigarette! The neighbor just went through a bout with lung cancer!!! I want to go out and choke them both! How STUPID!! Patrice still smokes ( she is stupid too) and we make her go way out in the back yard when she is here. Russ has enough problems, he sure doesn't need to be around that!!! I don't even go to Trice's house because she smokes in her house. It reeks! Since I quit smoking years ago I am really bad about being around a smoker. I give lectures! LOL

Russ took my car and got it registered with heat this am. That is a program here to help track cars if they are stolen. Then he got it gassed up for me and now he is grocery shopping! What A guy!!!

I have all my work for the day done except bathing the dust mop (Dude). He gets so dirty! He is like a magnet! We sure do love the little guy. It is sort of like having a cat without a litterbox! LOl he is so tiny and you can flop him around like a rag doll and he loves it! Bo is as laid back, He is all terrier.

The dry is buzzing so I better go fold the last load and then I can hid for awhile!!!

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12-arrows said...

I HATE smoking too! My second son smokes, drives me crazy, and its amazing that they don't think of the health hazard it causes, you try and tell 'em but they just won't listen and then one day it will be too late and they will wished they had. My SIL just died of lung cancer, never smoked a day in her life, she was 45. You'd think this would be a wake up call for my son, but NOPE! Theres always an excuse why he can't. I am amazed at the expense of those little picks, Cris used to smoke, and wanted a new car his wife told him he could get it if he quit, she said his smoking habit would pay for a car payment. He quit, got the car and hasn't smoked since. Its been at least 10 years. Why they pick up such a filthy habit is beyond me. After a weekend with my dad I would go right to the shower and could smell the smoke washing off of me. UGH disgusting. Ok off my soap box now...............