Friday, May 1, 2009

I am thirsty! I am hungry! I am fasting!!!!! It is 5 am. I don't know how I will make it to 8:15! Thankfully my doctor lets me drink a bottle of water on the way to be tested! I am so hard to get blood out of that water helps. I still have to use the top of my hands or the tops of my feet to get blood out of me. Then it drips and takes forever to fill their silly tubes!

Mike has a 9 am pre-opnext door to my doctor so we will go together. Then fly home to get Russ to his appt. at 11. Thankfully it is here in town. This afternoon Mike has to take me on post to get groceries. I haven't got my car registered on post yet so can't drive it there.

Monday willbe busy too. Russ has two appts. and Mike has surgery. I have to drive both of them. I'll be split two ways!

Mike came over yesterday with 2 inch T bones for our dinner. He brought potatoes to bake, a can of green beans and a chocolate torte! Then he cooked it all on the grill! He even set the table! He even made grilled onions to go with the steak! He got the steaks at the Black Angus Meat Locker. They were so tender!

The house next to us is a big two story farm house, probably150 years old. Well, the neighbors told us they are having house levelers next week. The house has shifted 8 inches!! I am ready for it to fall in when they get started!! It is in sad repare. It is costing them 15,000 dollars to have it done. The house isn't worth 10!!! LOL

Guess I better fix my grocery list and find out what coupons I can use! I am trying to cut back on stuff I really can do with out. Lots of clean stuff I buy I can use vinegar or bleach for!! I also need to get a big baking soda! That works wonders too!

Have a great Friday andhope yur week end is sunny and warm!

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