Saturday, May 2, 2009

It is beautiful outside until you breath the air! the HUMIDITY is so high! We never have that here! I can hardly stand to be away from the air conditioning.

Russ' neice Suzanne got rushed to Indy yesterday with a gall stone that got lost! She as to have surgery this AM . We sure wish her a speedy recovery!.

I am resting this week end. Monday is going to be insane! I have to have Mike at the hospital before 5:30. I 'll get all the information needed and then run home and get Russ for a 9 Am doctors appt. While he sees the doctor I have to get another blood test for some different things. After that stop at the hospital to see how Mike is doing, take Russ home, go back after Mike and then lock my self in the closet for the rest of the day I am tired just thinking of it!!!!!

We went to Wal Mart this am. I could not find anything. They are remodeling and moving every department . I had the whole store memorized! Why do they do these things???Well people I bought a book so I am going to cool it with a creme soda and just hide the rest of the afternoon!


Cindy from 12arrows said...

you are gonna leave alot of rubber on those roads on Monday! Hoping all goes well with Mikes surgery and that you make to each appointment safe and sound. I didn't realize you never had humidity. . . .its awful isn't it? PTL for central air, what a blessing on those unbearable days, and oh I wouldn't mind alittle of that warm air humidity here, its getting so old being COLD

Ruth said...

I hope Mike's surgery has gone as well as Russ's did!
Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers.
Love you guys!