Wednesday, May 13, 2009

nothin' goin' on

This has been a boring week!! We have been doing things around here that needed done.

Today I went and got my hair cut... REALLY short! I love it! I just put my favorite color on it!!! I AM RED HEADED AGAIN!!! Hurrah. I feel like me again. In fact when I showed Russ he told me I look like me again.

Trice. Anthony and Mike were here helping out until about dinner time. I took my handy dandy gift certificates that I got from Kris for Mother's Day and went to Henderson's and got us chicken fried steak dinners! You haven't lived until you have ate Henderson's chicken fried steak! We got a huge steak covered with white pepper gravy, mashed potatoes and gravy and fresh green beans that are to die for all for $2.98 a piece!!! We ordered side salads to go with it and felt like we had a feast!

Tomorrow I take Russ to get the rest of his staples out. Then he will be able to drive more than just to the store. He has a 9:30 at Temple and we have to hurry home for his 2:30 appt. here with the neurologist. I will be so glad when all these appts. are over!!!

Awhile back my blood pressure was very high and the doctor put me back on a med to lower it. Well, I have been really feeling bad so I decided to see if that was causing all the light headed, dizzy, feeling bad stuff! Well, I feel great again! My blood pressure has been like 111/63 without meds!! I am sure glad I figured it out!!!

It is almost time for Idol! Sure hope Adam gets in the finals!!! He is such a nice, polite boy! Doesn't hurt that he is cute as a button!!!


Ruth said...

Well, you hussy!! I actually liked myself as a redhead, but it has been 10+ years since I did it. I found a nice dark blond/light brown that I like a lot! I'm due for a haircut real soon, too. Seems like I was just in there last week--my hair grows like crazy. I think I got that from the Westphal side-Mom's was the same way.
I hate to tell you that I got a big bunch of rhubarb last night--for FREE! My friend from high school and her husband have greenhouses and I was there last night with another friend (she was looking for plants and flowers). I asked Diane if they had any rhubarb and her husband went and pulled a nice bunch for me. Sounds like rhubarb crunch this week-end!
It sounds like the surgery patients are improving all the time--that's great!
Take care.

Granola Mom said...

One of the guys that Bill works with worked with Adam on Broadway. He really is a very nice guy in real life! He's my favorite, too. I'm glad he made it into the finals. He was so cute with all those little kids in the "going home" part of the show!

Kris seems okay, too - but no where near as fun to watch!