Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Mike!!

Today is Mike's birthday. We are having this "stuff" after while. You take a waffle, cover it with vanilla ice cream, another waffle on top, then strawberries, whip cream and chocolate syrup!!! It is too hot to make a cake!!!

We give Mike money to help pay for a new exercise bike he wanted. (Doctors oders to use one). I had a cheap one that I use but he got a Gold's. It has a bench seat unlike mine that has an uncomfortable bike seat. The good thing is he put it in our garage so everyone can use it!! I tried it but i kind of like mine in the computer room with air . LOl

Russ had to go do some shopping this morning and came home with a new red toaster for my kitchen. It sure was a nice surprise. Don't think he found what he went looking for but it was nice he thought of me.

I have my notebook all set up for the trip. I keep all the receipts and a log of what we are spending in it. I have our reservation confirmation and a telephone number log. I really like to be prepared! LOl.

I got a roster of my high school classes members from Trena Pelsey Garrison the other day. I Was quite excited to see that she had finally tracked down a classmate that no one knew where she was. We were pretty good friends in school and I spent many nights at her house in the country. Guess where she is living??? Monticello!! I will be calling her when we get there!!

Our class celebrates 48 years this year and we have not lost one class member. That is really amazing.

You people up north will get a laugh out of this!!! I found a recipe for a real good sounding rhubarb cobbler. We went to HEB to get some rhubarb yesterday. $6.98 a pound!!! That was so funny. Needless to say we will not be having rhubarb cobbler any time soon!! In IN it grows like a weed. Sure wish we could grow it here.

Well, Trice will be here soon so I better get out our dessert stuff. I am letting everyone make their own!!!

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12-arrows said...

take your receipe and get your rhubarb from Uncle Bud, he's got alot of it growing around his garage! and man that does sound yummy! I bet you are so excited to get going on your trip and see family and friends. I love it when my husband comes home with a special treat for me, it doesn't matter what it is, big or small, cheap or not, its the fact that he was thinking of "me"!!!!