Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Post op

Russ got half his staples out today. Got a real good report and will get the rest out next week. He is allowed to drive small short trips. He thought he'd get to go to Spanish today but got a call the teacher was sick.

Mike got the bandage off. He has 3 small places where they went in. They are still cover with gauze and tape so can't tell much. He will be on crutches two more weeks. The bad part is he can't work until 29 June. Then for a couple weeks he can only work half days. I don't know how he will manage with half pay that long. It will be really rough.

The good news in all that is he can stay here while we are in In. and stay full time with the dogs. That takes a load off as I hate to rely on the grandkids.

I am feel some better. I may live! I am still very tired so will go lay down awhile. You all take care!!!

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Granola Mom said...

That's it! I need surgery and I'm coming to stay with you!

Just kidding!

Those men are going to owe you big when they get all healed up!